April 2003 Trailer Trip

Time to leave on Saturday, April 5. I won't see the girls until the following Saturday at Patty's Dad's house in Scottsdale, AZ.

2003:04:05 12:51:45
7.96875 mm 1/800 f3.5

Dad, I don't think we're in Topeka yet.

2003:04:05 13:59:08
5.40625 mm 1/320 f7.2

It's the first day, and it's already snowing as we cross the Sierra.

2003:04:05 16:51:44
5.40625 mm 1/125 f7.2

On Sunday we traverse Nevada (seen here), Utah and part of Wyoming - 707 miles. Dad did much of the driving this day so I could do some Intuit work.

2003:04:06 07:46:49
20 mm 1/160 f4

He handed over the reins from time to time when we hit snow flurries. Here we're leaving Salt Lake City behind.

2003:04:06 14:16:53
35 mm 1/160 f10

This was a pretty rest stop in western Wyoming where we stopped to switch back to Dad driving.

2003:04:06 14:52:31
32 mm 1/250 f11

And here he is. I don't think he was doing the Michael Jordan thing with his tongue the whole time. :)

2003:04:06 17:07:54
17 mm 1/50 f5

And 20 minutes after the previous picture we switched back, because the snow started again...

2003:04:06 17:29:03
26 mm 1/125 f5