Summer Camping 2004

We started our trip at Bear River Reservoir along Hwy 88 in the Sierra. We met most of Patty's family there for our annual Lombardo camping weekend.

6/26/2004 7:26:20 PM

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Cooking for everyone is a real event. Here we are preparing the 5 BBQs for the Lombardo lemon chicken.

7/19/2004 9:54:32 PM

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On the second day we realized we should invite our 16 year old nephew, James, to come along with us for the rest of our 3 week trip so he could see all the wonderful sights we were going to experience. He was excited to come, but there was one significant problem. We had not brought the rear seat for our Suburban, so there was nowhere for him to sit. I called my parents and they were nice enough to drive up and back (3 1/2 hours each way) to bring us the seat so James could join us. When Grandpa arrived, he was quick to pick up his Jessica. :)

6/26/2004 7:54:26 PM

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Then Mom & Dad sat down for a quick meal of lemon chicken we had saved for them, talked with Patty's grandparents for a couple of minutes and they were off for the return trip home. Total time at Bear River Reservoir - 35 minutes. :(

6/26/2004 8:03:16 PM

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Many nights we gave the girls showers using the outdoor shower we have on the back of our trailer. It is warm water...

6/26/2004 8:13:46 PM

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Many of us fished for 2 days with nary a bite. On our last afternoon, we were trolling and Jenny was holding my pole when she screamed. I grabbed the pole, put the reel back on the pole and realized something big was on the end...

6/27/2004 3:45:50 PM

mm 1/640 f/2.8

I loosened the drag and let it swim and eventually we pulled in a 6.5 pound trout! I'd never seen such a big trout, let alone caught one. It was amazing and great fun.

6/27/2004 3:46:56 PM

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It took 4 generations to figure out how to clean it (me, Patty's Grandfather, Patty's Dad and Kate).

6/27/2004 3:57:44 PM

mm 1/250 f/4.0

That's quite a fish! But how are we going to cook it? It won't fit in a frying pan!

6/27/2004 4:01:12 PM

mm 1/160 f/4.0

I got plenty of advice on that front too (we cooked it on the BBQ), and all 25 people got to have some.

6/27/2004 4:57:26 PM

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