First Floor Walls - July 17

Incredible! In the past 2 days, Devin and company put up all the walls for the first floor. Since the last installment, they've put in the floor joists, the subfloor,the plumbing,the heating ducts, and the walls for the whole floor.

Two weeks ago we had nothing but foundation walls...

Then last week they put in the floor joists for the first floor. It is a split level. On the left (and mostly out of the picture) is the playroom and the storage area. The right hand side is the office, two kids rooms and a bathroom.

Last week they also put in all the ducting for heating and the plumbing for the first floor (water, sewer and propane). On Monday they covered up floor joists with the subfloor, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, they ...

built the walls! This shows the stairs leading from the playroom to the office and kids bedrooms. On the right is the first bedroom, directly in front of the stairs is the bathroom and on the left in the background is the other kids bedroom. In the foreground on the left is the office.

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