Foundation Pour - July 1

Today Devin and 7 other guys poured the foundation. Seven more concrete trucks came today (the last one didn't leave until 7:30). Each truck weighed 67,000 pounds. That means between the foundation and the piers we've poured over 700,000 pounds of concrete. Because it was extremely hot, the concrete dried very quickly. This forced everyone to work hard and fast. We filled the septic tank for the fourth time. We'll see if it leaks yet again.

Tomorrow they will begin to pull the forms off and start putting the mud sills on for the base of the walls. This weekend (it's a long one), we will cut down a big oak tree that overhangs the future garage, start framing the house, and being the plumbing! It should be fun!

Although I went up during lunch time, I only got 3 pictures because the batteries on the digital camera died. Lawrence (it's his camera) had put an extra set of batteries in the case, but I forgot about them. It's very frustrating because there were lots of cool pictures to take. Oh well, next time I'll be ready.

These are the forms right before they started forming. This is a curved wall to support the front of the front patio.

Here Devin is pushing bolts into the just formed concrete. There was alot to do as the concrete poured out of the boom into the forms. It is delivered quickly. Then the forms get tapped to help the concrete settle (although it may not have settled everywhere because it was pretty thick from the heat). Next it was leveled and the bolts were added.

Finally the concrete was floated to be smooth.

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