Forming the Foundation - June 22

During the past week Devin and company formed the foundation for all of the walls. This involved digging trenches, building wood forms and placing tied rebar in the forms. This week Devin will pour (some large quantity) of concrete into these forms, and then the wood forms will be removed. The wood that he used for the forms will be reused for floor joists and underpinning wall framing.

These are the forms for the foundation of our house. They sit under each wall. They were built by digging (by hand) trenches, building these wood forms and placing tied rebar in the forms. Concrete will be poured into all of these forms this week.

This is the form for the 6' retaining wall that will support that downhill side of the garage slab.

This is Craig next to our septic tanks.They are still uncovered because one of them leaks, even though it has already been patched once. I'm glad the county asked us to test them. The first tank is 1500 gallons and the second is 1000 gallons. The second tank will be used by us as well as the Cowards. Unfortunately, the effluent will be pumped up hill out of the second tank to the leach fields. Those fields will be on both sides of the road pictured below.

These are our water tanks. Each tank holds 5000 gallons. They are fed from the well that was in place when we bought the property. The pump in the well delivers around 15 gallons per minute. The tank at the top of the hill is in the right place and has water in it! The one at the bottom will be moved up next to the other one and then they will both be painted forest green.

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