Getting Close - Jan. 26, 1997

It has been a long time since we last updated our progress, and much has happened. Here are some excerpts from the last couple of months.

In December we had a painting party. When we originally conceived of this idea we hoped to paint the entire interior. On the first day of the party only about 1/2 the house had been textured, so we set our sites on that half. The first day we managed to prime most of the area. The second day we got most of it painted. We had lots of friends show up to help: Diane and Jim Coward, Jay and Jane Jessen, Jim Spencer, Amy Lauterbach (pictured here) and Jim. Thanks a bunch to all of you. Since then, the painter has been working to finish all the rest of the house, the trim everywhere, touch up a few things we didn't get to, and finish the exterior.

In December all of our cabinets were finished and installed. Here is the master bathroom cabinet, waiting in the bedroom to be installed. We used maple throughout the house.

At Christmas our family visited. Uncle Clark wanted his picture on the internet, so although it took me awhile, here it is. Hi Clark!

Over the last couple of months, all of the decks have been finished and the railings have been installed. Patty and I had seen a picture of a railing with wire used as the protection. We thought it would work well without blocking the view, so we asked Devin to give it a try, and we're very pleased with the results. Here's what it looks like (just after a rainfall).

Several weeks ago the mason began building the stone wall that will surround the front deck. As several elements in the house will be made from Arizona flagstone, we were happy when we found these flagstone "bricks" that could be easily used to build the wall. The process was interesting. First a concrete block wall was built and filled with cement, and then the bricks were built up on the outside of the blocks. We're very pleased with how it's turned out.

And last week the mason put the same stone on the fireplace. We're really excited about how it turned out. You can make out the wood storage to the right of the actual fireplace opening. Down in the lower left corner they built a heater duct into the stone (it's behind the chair and a little hard to see).

Last weekend we discussed the indoor railing with Devin. We decided together what it should like, and bingo - here it is. As usual, we're very pleased. It's all made out of fir and will be only sealed, like much of the natural fir in the house. The whole in the wall at the right of the picture is the return air for the furnace.

Other progress that's worth mentioning although I don't have a picture includes most of the tile work in the bathrooms, the maple hardwood floors, the garage slab, and much of the finish electrical (switches, outlets and lights). It's getting very close. We're still hoping and planning on moving in at the end of February (hopefully before our baby is born). The biggest problem is that Tim hasn't finished the trenches for the power, water and other utilities and he can't work when it's soaking wet. We're all hoping for some sunny days (as are many people in California).