The Roof is On - Nov 5

Over the past two weeks Devin and crew have put the roof on the house! Now we're protected from the elements. They did it just in the nick of time too. They put the roofing paper on about a week and a half ago, and it's rained several days since. In fact, a fair amount of the roofing itself was done in the rain. Below you can see what the house looks like with the siding and roof. We like it! There are only a couple of things that need to be done to finish the outside of the house. They are putting the trim on the corners of the house and around the windows. After that, the trim can be painted and the redwood sealed. After that, the focus can be on the inside of the house. Right now the electrician and plumber are finishing up and we're hoping to begin sheetrocking sometime next week.

Here is the entry to the house. Patty is standing on what will be the flagstone entryway. To her left is "Patty's room" and a deck that it opens onto. The front door and family room are behind her.

Here you can see what the siding of the house looks like. This picture is taken on what will be the flagstone entryway. You can see the redwood siding, the white vinyl windows, the gutters with trim and the roof. There will be 1 x 4 trim added around the windows, and that trim, along with the gutters will be painted forest green. Other than that, this is what the house will look like.

This is the west side of the house. The white door is off the laundry room and opens onto a small deck. This deck will contain the BBQ. The little window to the left (as we look at it) of the door is in the kitchen. We plan to pass things through this window to the BBQ. The decks are framed, but don't have the decking on them yet.

Here is the back (north) side of the house. Here you can see that we are actually using two types of siding. Above the lower deck you can see redwood. We used this on the most visible parts of the house (the front and what's visible from the decks). The rest of the house has plywood siding that will be stained to match the redwood. We did this to avoid the cost of the expensive redwood everywhere. In this picture, the lower deck is off of the playroom, and the upper deck is off of the family room. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago - all of the siding is on now. In this picture you can still see the plastic lining under the siding.

This is a picture of a leach field trench. We are putting in 240' of trench here for draining the septic tanks. This trench is dug 8 feet deep and the bottom of it is leveled with a laser! Then it is filled with about 6' of loose rock and the drain pipe is placed on top. Then the rest of the trench is filled in with dirt. The effluent drains down through the rock and out into the ground. This trench has now been filled in, and more are being dug.