Details - Oct. 6

I'm sorry our website hasn't been available this past month. I think we've got the kinks worked out now. These pictures were taken two weeks ago. Devin's been trying to get the roof closed up for winter, but the fire sprinkler sub-contractor has been difficult. He was finally out that weekend (although he still hadn't finished). These pictures illustrate some of the details that have been worked on recently.

Here is Patty sitting in front of the garage. She's painting little scraps of wood with different possible colors for the trim on the house. On the corner of the house you can see the plastic-like wrap they use to surround the house under the shearply. It helps keep moisture out.

Here is the inside of the family room. The windows are in, and so is the fireplace. The fireplace chimney will eventually be covered with flagstone, but it is currently formed out of wood. We're excited about having a big, warm fireplace in this house. Santa will be happy with this new arrangement too!

In order to put on all the siding, they've had to frame the decks. This is looking out from the playroom. The door isn't in yet, but you can see the joists for the deck. You can see the posts going up to support what will be the upper deck directly above. Little bit of a hazy day today.

This picture is taken looking up (and east) from the deck in the previous picture. These windows are in the office. You can see that the gutters are on. Also you can see some temporary scaffolding they've built to work on the siding. It's a long drop down to grade. Yikes!

This is the return air duct for the forced air furnace. It's in the stairway above the playroom. There is another one a little higher for the other forced air unit. Eventually it will be covered by a grate, and the rest of the wall sheetrocked.

This is some duct work viewed from the playroom and leading to the office. In some cases they had to use this rectangular ducting between studs because they couldn't get to places with normal cylindrical sheet metal.

Here the fire sprinkler sub-contractor is installing the fire sprinklers. Devin's had trouble getting them out there because these guys have been incredibly busy around the Bay Area. Right now this is the only thing keeping us from closing and protecting the roof. However, when they get out there, I've been pleased with how small and unobtrusive the sprinklers are (they are required with all new construction in California). This little nozzle will spray water 10 feet in every direction when operating. We are required to set them no less than 8 feet apart.

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