More Roof - Sept 5

Here is the front of the house with most of the shear-ply and roof. You can now see the clerestory windows (all the ones above the roof line). The square window on the right is the master bathroom. The two windows and door to the left and down are for the living room (Patty likes to call it "Patty's Room"). The door will open out onto a redwood deck in the front of the house.

They finally framed the garage. Now the whole house has been framed (except for the decks). Here Devin, Nate and Chuck are putting the trusses on to build the garage roof. I was lucky enough to get to watch this part. They put them all up in about an hour and a half. Devin and Nate stood on opposite walls and Chuck handed the trusses up. Then Devin walked out on the new truss to help hold it in place, while Nate nailed in his end. Then Devin went back to nail his end in.

This is the garage after the entire roof was framed. It has two levels because one of the garage doors is taller than the other. The roof over the family room is visible in the background.

This is a similar view to above, but a week later they've begun to put the "sleepers" on the roof. The insulation for the roof will lie between the 2 x 4's and then plywood will be placed on top. Finally the shingles will go on top of the plywood. Now we begin to get a feeling for what the eaves will look like.

This is the garage a week later. Now they've put the plywood on the trusses, so it looks more like a real structure. The raised roof is on the left (we can finally get that fire engine!). The windows on the right are in the workshop and laundry room. It's looking more and more like a house!