Ceiling - Aug 15

In the last week, the guys have put up the beams for the open beam ceiling in most of the rooms. Now they are putting the decking on the ceiling. They're eager to do that because it's been hot up there, and the ceiling will cast some shade! The electrician has put in most of the boxes for the outlets and switches too. The bathtub has been delivered and much of the plumbing is in.

Here are the beams for the ceiling of the family room. You can see that the ceiling boards are being put on. It will be an interesting design of beams when it's all finished. We could never completely picture it when discussing it with our architects, but it looks like it'll look pretty neat. You can also see the temporary scaffolding they've been using to put stuff up.

And this is what the house looks like now. In the foreground you can see that the garage still isn't framed. You can see the guys up on the roof framing the clear story windows and putting some of the last beams up. The section that has the ceiling on is the kitchen and family room.