Upper Floor - August 3

It's only been a couple of days since I put up the last page, but in that time almost the entire upper floor's walls were put up. This weekend we were able to walk around and see the whole floor plan! This sure is an exciting stage.

Here is the family room. This is looking from the kitchen toward the north-east. On the left you can see the cutout for the doors off the family room to the deck (which isn't there yet). The rest of the cutouts on that north wall are windows. The fireplace will go along the east wall. The upper floor has open-beam ceilings, and in this room they will be pretty high! There are two funny windows on the north side of the east wall. We're deciding what to do about them. They're high because they have to clear the roof of the office which is sloping down behind that wall. The wood stove mentioned on the previous page will be in the foreground of this shot.

Here is the master bedroom. In the foreground will be where the bed will sit. There should be a nice view out the windows on the left. This picture is taken from the master bath. There is a great oak tree behind the wall on the right that will be right outside those windows. We can't wait.

This is the other master bedroom window. This is just to the left of the previous view. To the left of the window is the closet. Patty's going to love it - it seems awfully big to me.    :-)

This is looking up from below at the back of the house. From this view it sure seems tall. The rooms from right to left on the upper floor are: kitchen, dining room, family room, master bedroom. On the lower floor are: storage, playroom, office, bedroom.

To save all your modems, I won't put in a picture of the oak tree that is now lying on the ground, but the 15 foot trunk we had left was cut/pulled down on Friday. They did a great job - it didn't hit the garage foundation at all. I've got some work ahead of me to cut and split all that wood!

Stay tuned, Devin says the roof framing will start this week!

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