More Framing - July 31

In the last 2 weeks Devin and company put on the subfloor for the upper level. Now they're putting up the walls for that level. They've also put on a little bit of the sheer plywood for the lower level. It's really shaping up!

This picture is taken from the kitchen. It is looking down the hall toward the garage (which isn't framed yet). To the left of the hallway is the 1/2 bathroom. To the right of the hallway is a little hall closet, and to the right of that is the kitchen pantry. Beyond the hallway is the laundry room and work room.

On the left is the same area described above. Dan Miller is standing in the kitchen, just to the left of where the stove will eventually be. You can see the location of the future windows. They put the shear ply on this wall before they stood it up because there isn't easy access later. This picture is being taken from the master bedroom. In the foreground is the sunken family room. You can see that the floor Dan is standing on is slightly lower in some sections (in the foreground). This is to accomodate the difference in height between the flagstone (lower sections) and hardwood (raised sections). The flagstone area toward the right of the picture will be the hearth for the woodstove that separates the family room and kitchen.

This is a view looking to the right of the kitchen at the dining room. I'm pleased at the size of the windows in this room. It looks like the open beam ceilings are going to be pretty high (you can tell by following the top of the wall). The family room is to the right (barely in the picture) and the woodstove hearth is clearly visible in the foreground.

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