Oxnard - August 2003

We spent a week at a rented beach house in Oxnard (south of Santa Barbara). We went with two other families - the Spahns and the Sages. We had a fantastic time with perfect weather all the time.

Luke (in blue) and Adam Sage immediately decided to test their new found walking skills on the stairs. :)

2003:08:16 13:20:54
50 mm 1/90 f4.5

And the big kids (Kelly and Noah) took to the water.

2003:08:16 13:53:14
120 mm 1/750 f5.6

While the three middle girls (Jessica, Kate and Becca) played in the sand.

2003:08:16 13:53:32
66 mm 1/1000 f5

Cathy and Adam checking out the water.

2003:08:16 13:54:36
72 mm 1/350 f7.1

Julie encouraged Kelly out into the waves (which wasn't all that easy).

2003:08:16 13:55:01
120 mm 1/500 f7.1

"Hey, this water is cold!"

2003:08:16 13:55:11
120 mm 1/500 f7.1

Dad goes out with Kelly so she can give a boogie board a try. The water was cold!

2003:08:16 14:06:50
120 mm 1/640 f7.1

"Body surfing" on the sand.

2003:08:16 14:09:21
102 mm 1/350 f7.1