July 4, 2002

We had a picnic dinner, concert and fireworks at Shoreline again this year. Here are a few pictures from a fun evening.

Jessica's sorting through her bag of vegetables for just the right one.

2002:07:04 19:21:03

Kate resting before the big event.

2002:07:04 19:24:01

Grandpa and Kate enjoying each other's company.

2002:07:04 19:31:07

Kelly was getting cool so she wrapped herself up. Of course she wouldn't let go of her flag.

2002:07:04 19:32:55

She's the biggest patriot since her Grandma.

2002:07:04 19:33:09

A rare picture of Craig & Patty together. These pictures are all courtesy of Grandma and her pocket camera.

2002:07:04 19:33:57

Jessica had a great time climbing on the lawn chairs.

2002:07:04 19:34:06

There was plenty of fruit to around, even after Kate got through with it.

2002:07:04 19:43:15
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