Summer fun in July

We went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk for a day of amusement. Instead of having her face painted, Kate decided to have her arm painted as Snow White!

2002:07:08 13:29:55

All the girls enjoying popsicles after a swim. Kelly and Kate have really turned in to fish this summer.

2002:07:05 14:40:58

Jessica's learned how to tackle a popsicle (while standing, no less).

2002:07:05 14:41:26

Kelly loves spending time by the pool.

2002:07:05 14:41:32

And of course their beautiful Mom.

2002:07:05 14:43:10

Now Kate loves flying even more than Kelly does. And she can get some serious air.

Of course, she eventually comes back down to earth (or Dad).

2002:07:06 17:38:55

Even our baby is growing up.

2002:07:06 18:46:14