Thu-Htay-Kan Village and Well Digging

A bus with 40 Stanford Travel tourists arrived at Thu-Htay-Kan near Pagan to share villagers' joy at a new well being constructed with funds donated by previous Stanford travelers. Here the village greeter dances and the band heralds our arrival.

2002:11:18 13:40:28
38 mm 1/250 f8

The vertical square shaft holds the bit drilling the well, attached to what appear to be used truck parts powered by the one cylinder engine found on the rooster tail boats and field tractors.

2002:11:18 13:41:42
28 mm 1/126 f5

When we arrived, the operator had been drilling for 13 days and had reached a depth of more than 50 feet. It is anticipated that a depth of 300-400 feet will reach sweet water.

2002:11:18 13:45:02
28 mm 1/90 f4.8

In recent decades, villagers have used water from a nearby cistern; this water is being brought to lubricate the bit in the well.

2002:11:18 13:56:16
80 mm 1/320 f8.5

A Buddhist blessing for the well project and our assistance was planned for our visit. Decorated coconuts were part of the event.

2002:11:18 13:42:27
40 mm 1/320 f8.5

When we arrived, the villagers were in prayer, with tables of prepared food behind.

2002:11:18 13:43:44
38 mm 1/160 f5.6

Buddhist monks in front of villagers

2002:11:18 13:43:53
32 mm 1/160 f5.6

Men in front, the women and children behind...

2002:11:18 13:58:27
38 mm 1/100 f5