Inle Lake

We arrive at Inle Lake at dusk, ready to depart by boat for a half hour ride across the water to our hotel.

2002:11:07 17:18:11
28 mm 1/80 f4

The Inle Princess Hotel, a real charmer in Burmese style with large individual bungalows

2002:11:09 08:23:34
44 mm 1/160 f6.3

When we left the hotel for touring, these long narrow boats took us around the lake. New Horizons was our outstanding Burmese travel host.

2002:11:08 07:54:05
28 mm 1/160 f6.3

Men, perched on sterns of boats, paddle canoes with one leg twisted around the bamboo oar.

2002:11:08 08:28:18
52 mm 1/320 f8.5

Fishermen use conical traps with gill nets at the mouth to catch catfish, Inle carp, or eel. The clear water enables strategic placement of traps.

2002:11:09 09:20:10
80 mm 1/320 f9

Houses on stilts compose villages on the lake; streets are waterways among the floating gardens.

2002:11:08 08:44:32
48 mm 1/320 f8.5

61 sq mile Inle Lake is about 3 meters deep and has a 3 mile wide fringe of silt and water hyacinths which conceal its full size.

2002:11:08 08:50:44
46 mm 1/250 f8

2002:11:08 08:54:25
28 mm 1/320 f9