Trip to Burma (Myanmar) with Stanford Alumni Travel, Nov 02


Natives and tourists visit Shwedagon Pagoda, Rangoon


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Burma Favorites - The best we saw and loved in Burma


Inle Lake - A serene lake serving local families and villages


The People of Burma - Diverse, gracious, friendly, colorful, industrious


Rangoon and Mandalay - Cities, few and far between


Buddhism: Life, Pagodas, Temples - Devotion to Karma and seeking Nirvana


Burmese Life, Work, and Culture- A simple life infused with grace and color,


Modes of Travel and Portage- A multitude of conveyances


Pagan- City of ancient temples and pagodas


Markets - Colorful centers of life and commerce


Thu-Htay-Kan Village - Constructing a well with Stanford Travel donations


Life Along the Irrawaddy - Essential infrastructure transverses the country