Buddhism: Life, Pagodas, Temples

Buddhism is a way of life for more than 90% of Burmese. Nearly all males are monks for a period of several weeks to their entire life.

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135 mm 1/180 f6.7

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Monks live an ascetic life and carry their bowls daily to collect cooked food donations. Donors earn merit (or "karma") by helping.

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This young monk listens to one of our earpieces; connected to a receiver, it enabled each of us to hear Kyaw Soe from a distance.

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At the Nga Phe Kyaung monastery on Inle Lake, the monks train cats to jump through hoops, giving the monastery the "Jumping Cats" moniker.

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A marble Buddha on a throne of jewels at the Jumping Cats monastery.

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The "principal" at a monastery for young monks near Inle Lake.

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In Mandalay we visited a nunnery with the nuns in traditional pink robes. Women who choose to become nuns make a life-long choice.

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