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We're Rocked!

Now it's really starting to look like a house. You can't walk through the walls anymore and we can really get a sense for all the spaces. They put up all the sheetrock in 2 days! You'll get a sneak preview of the swimming pool too.

Roof and More

During the holidays and the month of January the roof was sheeted and then roofed. The windows are in. The rough electrical and the duct work was completed also. Insulation should come soon.

Second Floor Framing

The last week of November and first week of December were spent framing the second floor.

First Floor Framing

Over the last 3 weeks the first floor was framed. Even though we lost several days to rain, this stage sure went quickly.


It took September to form and pour the foundation walls and 1/2 of October to build the sub-floor and put in all the plumbing and HVAC.


The month of August was pretty much dedicated to digging, forming and pouring the basement.


We finally got started on 7/28/00. And boy did a lot happen today. The house was demolished by 11:30 AM!

Before Demolition

6/13/00: The original house before we tore it down (but after it was gutted).